This is How We Roll

Mobility is a crucial element of any college campus. In the United States, transportation is often viewed through a car-centric lens. The road is thought of as a place for vehicular travel instead of public space which can be shared by other forms of transit. Gasoline powered vehicles emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which damages the environment as well as human health. Motor vehicles are often the most convenient way to travel in the United States, but this can contribute to a more sedentary lifestyle, leading to a variety of different health risks such as an increase in cardiovascular disease, elevated cholesterol, and obesity.  Wildlife is also affected by road construction and infrastructure, as highways and roads divide and segregate contiguous wildlife habitats. Active, affordable, efficient, and accessible alternative transportation options are needed to help more people travel to meet their needs as well as creating a healthier environment. Furman provides a variety of alternative transportation options to get around on and off campus such as bike rental programs, public buses, shuttle services, and a very walkable campus. 

Did You Know?

Paladins on Bikes is a semester-long bike rental program open to all students. The program currently has 25 bikes for students to rent.

The Swamp Rabbit Trail is a 22 mile multi-use greenway system that runs through Furman’s campus. The trail opened in 2009 and provides faculty, staff, and students easy and safe bike access to the cities of nearby Travelers Rest and downtown Greenville.

The public Greenlink bus system has a stop on campus and runs a bus route between Travelers Rest and downtown Greenville that students, faculty, and staff can ride.

A 7-seater conference bike is available for faculty, staff, and students to use for meetings.

What’s Next?

As we work to improve and increase the variety of alternative transportation options on campus, we are:

  • Developing a centralized transportation app platform that will allow for campus transportation options to be displayed in real time.
  • Pursuing Bike Friendly Campus Certification.
  • Establishing a ride sharing program for students to carpool to off-campus destinations.