Social Justice

We Are All In This Together

Broadly, social justice is about the distribution of benefits and burdens. It is widely recognized that greater equality will lead to a more secure environment. In order to build a sustainable society, diverse groups will need to be able to come together and work collaboratively to address sustainability challenges. Environmental injustice happens as a result of unequal and segregated or isolated communities. To achieve environmental and social justice, Furman works to address discrimination and promote equality and takes a proactive approach to promoting a culture of inclusiveness, an important component of creating an equitable and socially just campus and society.

Did You Know?

Furman’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee advises the President, Provost, and other senior administrative officers on matters pertaining to diversity issues as they concern the University community.  The committee facilitates ongoing assessment of the campus climate, and is implementing a strategic plan concerning the diversity of the university.

Furman’s Cultural Life Program (CLP) encourages students to attend a variety of high-quality cultural events that engages them in a spectrum of issues, ideas, and artistic expressions from various disciplines and cultures. All students must attend a minimum of 32 CLP events to graduate.

Furman University has a rich history of partnerships with the community. The Heller Service Corps, founded in 1965, is Furman’s largest student organization with over 1,800 student volunteers working in over 60 local organizations. 

The Task Force on Slavery and Justice was formed in the spring of 2017 to examine Furman University’s historical connections to slavery and to help Furman better understand and learn from its past. 

What’s Next?

As we work to improve diversity and strive for social justice, we are:

  • pursuing more ESG investing within our endowment.
  • increasing diversity among faculty and the student body.
  • fostering increased and meaningful relations with our local community.