Hosting an international scholar or visitor in your department? The most important thing you can do to prepare for your visitor is to plan ahead. You’ll need to submit the host application at least three months before you expect your visitor to arrive. That will give them time to receive the invitation and apply for a visa.

Follow our simple steps to ensure you’re ready for your visitor.

Before Arrival

  • Coordinate and communicate housing arrangements.
  • Confirm travel plans.
  • Develop your visitor’s office space, including a room key, phone, computer, and office furniture.
  • Ensure that your visitor’s computer is connected to the Furman network and printer.
  • Arrange for airport pick-up and meals before the dining hall opens.

Upon Arrival

  • Visit Human Resources for orientation and to sign all the necessary documents, including their contract, W-4, and I-9.
  • Visit the Student Business Office to get a Furman ID card and to verify or purchase health insurance.
  • Help your visitor set up their email and Furman network accounts and passwords.


  • Help your guest open a bank account.
  • Help them with a car rental. With a foreign drivers license, they’ll be able to drive for six months in the U.S.
  • If they have dependents, help your visitor get them settled.
  • Most importantly, make your guest feel at home. That might include dinner with your family, a trip downtown, or going to a local cultural event.


Ready to get started? Contact Nancy Georgiev for a consultation and to discuss next steps.