The mission of the Shucker Leadership Institute is to direct first-year and sophomore Fellows on a path that allows them to be catalysts for change at Furman, in the Greenville community, and as alumni. We do this by encouraging and empowering students to explore the passions, strengths, and values that make them unique; experience personal, professional, and team-based contexts for leadership development.

New Fellows (First Year)

Each year, about 25-30 new students are selected to be Shucker Leadership Fellows. During the first year, New Fellows participate in interactive weekly sessions to discover and develop their strengths and leadership styles especially on the individual and group levels. Through reflective practices, along with interactions with faculty, staff, and peers, New Fellows will be prepared to be effective leaders in the Furman and Greenville communities. Meet the Fellows.

Sophomore Fellows (Second Year)

During their first semester, Sophomore Fellows continue to develop their skills as they learn about leadership on the societal level through continued weekly sessions. In their second semester, Fellows work to integrate their Shucker experiences and individual passions into a Leadership Capstone Project. Through this project, they will work to identify and solve a problem within the Furman or Greenville communities. Meet the Fellows.

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