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Program Overview

The mission of the Shucker Leadership Institute is to direct first-year and sophomore Fellows on a path that allows them to be catalysts for change at Furman, in the Greenville community, and as alumni. We do this by encouraging and empowering students to explore the passions, strengths, and values that make them unique; experience personal, professional, and team-based contexts for leadership development; and engage the community through collaborative partnerships and meaningful service.

New Fellows (First Year)

Each year, 18-20 new students are selected to be Shucker Leadership Fellows. During the first year, New Fellows participate in weekly sessions to discover and develop their strengths and leadership styles. Through reflective practices, along with interactions with faculty, staff, and peers, New Fellows will be prepared to be effective leaders in the Furman and Greenville communities. In the second half of their first year, New Fellows will prepare for their sophomore project by selecting into a “track,” each of which allows students to take a deep dive into a specific topic or issue. Meet the Fellows.

Sophomore Fellows (Second Year)

During sophomore year, Fellows work in small groups with a mentor to build upon the skills gained in their first year. Fellows participate in the Disney Youth Education Program to reinforce team-building skills and leadership strategies. For the remainder of their sophomore year, Fellows will work in small groups with a mentor to integrate these experiences within a specific “track” of the program. Within their “track,” sophomores will complete a Leadership Challenge Project while also making an impact at Furman and in Greenville. Meet the Fellows.

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Meet Our Partners

We collaborate with local and national organizations where students gain hands-on experience with community engagement.

Meet our partners

Leadership Challenge Projects

Student groups work within a specific “track” – such as Community Health, Education, Global Issues, Social Justice, Entrepreneurship, and more – with a mentor to develop solutions, support the Greenville community, and engage at national conferences.

See our projects
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Group of Students in Walt Disney World

Disney Youth Education Series

We take leadership education outside the classroom to Orlando, FL.

Learn about the Disney Program