Student volunteering with children.

Leadership Challenge Projects

The Shucker Leadership Challenge Project empowers Sophomore Fellows to challenge themselves to mindfully engage with their peers in small groups to address a specific need in society. Student groups work within a specific “track” – such as Community Health, Education, Global Issues, Social Justice, Entrepreneurship, and more – with a mentor to develop solutions, support the Greenville community, and engage at national conferences. Within their track, student teams are matched with a community partner to enrich their understanding of specific issues in the context of the real world. Each student brings their own passion and talent to the team experience. Through the Leadership Challenge Project experience, students have a place to exercise their leadership talents, creativity, problem solving, and collaboration as civically engaged citizens who want to create positive change in communities.

Here is an article about a Leadership Challenge Project that occured during the 2016-2017 academic year.

In 2019, Shucker Fellow Madison Hurst ’21 secured over $100,000 in grant money during her Leadership Challenge Project with Soteria Community Development Corporation. Read about Madison’s work.

Past Leadership Challenge Project partners include:

  • New Washington Heights
  • Soteria
  • Greenville Area Parkinson Society
  • CliftonStrengths at Furman
  • Shi Center for Sustainability at Furman
  • Bon Appetit at Furman​
  • Neighborhood Focus
  • LiveWell Greenville
  • The Richland Cemetery
  • Positive Impact For Kids

Reflections on the LCP experience

Oscar Guillen.

“Looking back, I feel very satisfied with both our collective results as a team and my personal betterment. I genuinely believe I did the best I could to work with my team in communicating effectively and working towards our common goal in helping Neighborhood Focus.”


-Oscar Guillen, ’22

Lindsey Cottle.

“I hadn’t done a lot of work with sustainability before, but this project opened my eyes to a whole new subject that is now of great interest to me.”


-Lindsey Cottle, ’22


Kevin Buccini.

“The LCP was a great way to practice working with others in a group setting and identify each member’s unique strengths that they brought to the table and determine how they could benefit the group as a whole.”


-Kevin Buccini, ’22

Ashley Maddock.

“The LCP challenged me and made me realize that projects can be a success without being exactly what you may have initially envisioned.”


-Ashley Maddock ’22

Hill Douglas.

“The LCP helped me a lot with things like time management. I had a lot of other things going on and had to figure out how to manage my time better in order to be able to put in the same amount of time on the LCP as my other group members.”


-Hill Douglas, ’22

Riya Misal.

“I learned the importance to delegate and trust others. Having different perspectives on a project presents new strengths because everyone has something great to contribute.”


-Riya Misal, ’22

Nicole Bodner.

“I think reflecting on our experience through the LCP process was helpful as it allowed our group to take a step back and interpret our successes and failures. I think it is important with any project to spend a moment in reflection on what has worked and what needs to continue to be done. Reflection is essential for growth.”


-Nicole Bodner, ’22