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Become a Fellow

Thank you for your interest in the Shucker Leadership Institute! Applications are now closed. Class of 2025, keep an eye out for the applications to open up in the summer of 2021!


The Shucker Leadership Institute is committed to creating an inclusive space for all student involved in the program. Below are the action steps that the 2020 Lead Team has committed to:

  • Continue to require participation in a Dins Dialogue session each year for new students.
  • Continue to reach out to Furman contacts each year in order to reach a diverse group of incoming students to increase the diversity of the applicant pool. We hope this will consequently also improve the diversity we see in the selected Shucker Fellows, so they are more properly reflective of the student population at Furman.
  • Be extremely intentional in our partnership choices outside of the university. We will only partner with organizations that align with our values of equity and inclusivity, both in the case of volunteer organizations and community partners for the Leadership Challenge Project.
  • Commit to continuing to invite a diverse pool of individuals to our events as speakers, panelists, contributors, partners, etc. as possible to be more reflective of the students we serve.
  • Commit to ensuring there is more equal representation on the Lead Team in the future.
  • Partner with other student organizations on campus like the Furman Justice Forum, Student Diversity Council, and other important student groups to increase dialogue among the student population.