Students from Furman University’s Shi Institute for Sustainable Communities host the series Upstate Anecdotes. This podcast seeks to further social equity by highlighting social justice and environmental issues through storytelling.

The views expressed by our podcasters and other interviewees don’t necessarily represent the views of the Shi Institute or Furman University. However, our mission is to provide a platform for students to express their concerns and insights and promote dialog about critical issues. We are proud of the work they have done and their dedication to raising awareness about important community issues.

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Episode #1: Soteria and Greenlink – In the first episode of Upstate Anecdotes, host Gerrard Hanly interviews members of Soteria Community Development Corporation, a re-entry program located in Greenville for men transitioning back into society after being incarcerated; and the employees and clients of Greenlink Paratransit, Greenville’s public transit system for elderly and persons with disabilities.

Episode #2: Furman Prison Education Partnership – On this Upstate Anecdote, we take a look at Furman’s new program, where undergrads go inside a maximum-security prison in Pickens, South Carolina to study creative writing alongside the men incarcerated there.

Episode #3: Revisiting Soteria – On this Upstate Anecdote, we dive into the complex stories of six men participating in Soteria, a community development corporation in Greenville, South Carolina focused on serving and empowering formerly incarcerated men in their transitional journeys after prison.

Episode #4: Covid-19 & Criminal Justice – On this Upstate Anecdote, Kate Weaver Patterson and Dr. Brittany Arsiniega join host Caroline Ring to discuss a range of criminal justice issues and their ongoing lawsuit against Spartanburg County Detention Center’s treatment of incarcerated individuals amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Episode #5: Unity Park Trees – On this Upstate Anecdote, Joelle Teachey of Trees Upstate joins host Chloe Sandifer-Stech to discuss the City of Greenville’s tree management plan in the development of Unity Park, discussing the benefits of tree canopy to the natural and social environment.

Episode #6: Chloe Introduction – This Upstate Anecdote is a brief introduction by Chloe Sandifer-Stech, the Shi Institute for Sustainable Communities Podcast Fellow for the Spring 2021 Semester. Chloe talks about her interest in environmental policy, sustainability, and her plans for the podcast this semester.

Episode #7: Affordable Housing – On this Upstate Anecdote, we are joined by Tina Belge of Greenville Housing Fund to discuss the city’s commitment to affordable housing in the Unity Park development and the importance of grassroots organization to properly incorporate community needs into city planning.

Episode #8: Southernside and Neighborhood Change – On this Upstate Anecdote, Dr. Ken Kolb of Furman’s Sociology Department invites long-time residents of Southernside Mike and Jackie Brown to discuss the ways the neighborhood has changed within their lifetimes, as well as how affordable housing initiatives and the construction of Unity Park will affect the neighborhood.

Episode #9: Sustainability at the City Level – On this Upstate Anecdote, we are joined by Greenville’s Sustainability Coordinator Mr. Michael Frixen to discuss the city’s emerging Sustainability and Climate Action Plan, Greenville 2040 Comprehensive Plan, as well as how environmental protection policies are developed and implemented at the city level.

Episode #10: Autumn Hinze – Meet the Shi Institute for Sustainable Communities’ summer podcaster, Autumn Hinze! In this episode, she introduces herself and the season ahead, which focuses on Kate Raworth’s doughnut model for social and planetary boundaries.

Episode #11: The Doughnut – In this episode, we get an overview of economist Kate Raworth’s doughnut model for social and planetary boundaries with an excerpt from her TED talk and an interview from Dr. Geoffrey Habron in Furman University’s Sustainability Department.

Episode #12: Goats and Personal Responsibility- In this episode of Upstate Anecdotes, we discuss personal choice and its role in sustainability through the topic of landscaping. Featuring interviews with Dr. Geoffrey Habron from Furman University’s Department of Earth, Environmental, and Sustainability Sciences, Laura Bain, the Associate Director of Sustainability Assessment at Furman University, and Maggie and Scott Nesbit from Pygmy Goat Folx.

Episode #13: Coca-Cola Talks Corporate Sustainability- In this episode of Upstate Anecdotes, we look at different levels of responsibility that corporations adopt when it comes to sustainability. With an interview from Alpa Sutaria, Coca-Cola’s Vice President and General Manager of Sustainability, this episode dives into how corporations approach this responsibility.

Episode #14: Your Government and You – In the final episode of this season, we talk about government regulation and its impact on the environment using the Doughnut model as a metric. We also wrap up by answering our question of “What can I do?”

Episode #15: Meet Lia Paw – Meet one of the Shi Institute for Sustainable Communities podcasters, Lia Paw! In this episode, she introduces herself and the season ahead, which focuses on the meaning of “Sustainability” from different International Students’ views.

Episode #16: Meet Caroline Prewitt – Introducing Caroline Prewitt, one of the podcast fellows this school year! In the first episode of a new podcast series, Caroline talks about herself and pitches her topic for the coming episodes- Unseen Greenville.

Episode #17: A conversation with a first-year international Student, Soukeyna, about sustainability in her home country of Burkina Faso in West Africa.

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