Are you looking to promote peace and reduce conflict in your local community or overseas? Do you believe that grassroots projects are the most effective? What could you do with $10,000 towards this effort? Here’s your chance to apply for a grant to make that vision a reality. Historically, one project from Furman students has been funded each year. 

Projects for Peace 2023 Final Application

This application is due on or before Monday, January 9, 2023 at 11:59pm. Please submit by emailing this document to Joy Baker.

2022 Projects for Peace Winning Application

Please see this sample application as an example, but be mindful that application requirements have changed since last year, so the questions will be different.


Projects for Peace is an initiative for all undergraduate students currently enrolled at one of our participating Davis United World College Scholars Program partner schools, including Furman University, to design worldwide grassroots projects for the summer of 2022. The goal of the initiative is to promote peace and address the root causes of conflict among parties. We encourage applicants to use their creativity to design projects and employ innovative techniques for engaging project participants in ways that focus on conflict resolution, reconciliation, building understanding and breaking down barriers which cause conflict, and finding solutions for resolving conflict and maintaining peace. Projects will be selected for funding at $10,000 each.

For more detail see the FAQ page here.

This opportunity is being administered by the Shi Institute for Sustainable Communities at Furman. Please email questions to Joy Baker.

We hope to encourage student initiative, innovation, and entrepreneurship focusing on conflict prevention, resolution, or reconciliation. Some of the most compelling projects to date have reflected one or more of the following characteristics: contributing to conflict prevention; ameliorating conditions leading to violence/conflict; looking for and building on shared attributes among differing peoples, races, ethnicities, tribes, clans, etc.; fostering diplomacy or otherwise contribute to advancing peace processes underway; promoting economic opportunity and entrepreneurship among those in post-conflict areas; finding creative ways to bring people on opposite sides of issues together, such as through art, sports, music, or other techniques to promote a common humanity; developing leadership and mediation skills training for those in conflict or post-conflict societies; starting or leveraging initiatives, organizations (e.g. education, health) or infrastructure projects to build/rebuild community. In general, projects should be building blocks for a sustainable peace. The overall program is intended to be worldwide in scope and impact, but specific projects may be undertaken anywhere, including in the U.S. If the project is set in a part of the world restricted by travel guidelines, it will need to be managed remotely.

View successful past projects here.