Alumni-in-Residence Series

The Riley Institute and the Department of Politics and International Affairs have partnered to bring a group of illustrious Furman alumni to campus every other spring.  These alumni are in leadership roles, making a difference in local, state, and federal government, media, business and technology, the military, and beyond.

The biennial event showcases the intangible value of a Furman liberal arts and sciences education and the tangible benefits that result.  Not only do the alumni visit classes and engage with faculty and students in casual settings, they also come together for a public event that focuses on an important issue. The program is unique in that every speaker in the program is a graduate of Furman University.

In 2016, President Davis launched the Furman Advantage, which connects a liberal arts education with immersive experiences outside the classroom, creating a personalized pathway that prepares students for lives of purpose, successful careers, and community benefit. Yet, the Furman Advantage has long existed. These alumni tell us that Furman nurtured their curiosity and gave them the intellectual tools and the ability to go beyond a superficial grasp of issues to bring a nuanced understanding to complex issues.

These accomplished individuals also benefitted greatly from lasting relationships with mentors and from unique experiences–such as writing for the Furman newspaper or playing sports with a diverse group of individuals who expanded their horizons.  There has long been a Furman advantage, and the alumni-in-residence program provides an opportunity to demonstrate its lasting impact.

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