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Student Resources

As a pre-health student, honest advising and access to a variety of resources will enable you to become more informed and involved in the health career world. When applying for a health professional school, your involvement and attention to detail, accompanied by strong academic performance, will make you stand out as an applicant. No matter where you are on the pre-health pathway, we can help you prepare.

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General Advising for Health Careers

Our advice goes beyond the classroom. In addition to helping you make academic plans and explore your career options, we also stress the importance of field experience and volunteer opportunities.

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Campus Resources

Our campus resources can provide you with tools to gain field experience, land an internship, or volunteer in the community.

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Student Organizations

Each of our student organizations serves a distinct purpose to better prepare students for a career in health or medicine.

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Health Professional School Applications

Learn about the application process for medical and other health professional schools.

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