Chris Healy

Professor of Computer Science; Undergraduate Evening Studies Faculty

  • Office: Riley Hall 200-I
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I joined the Computer Science department at Furman in 1999. Here I have taught about 70 classes and supervised about 25 student research projects. For ten years I was the chapter advisor of Upsilon Pi Epsilon at Furman, which is the honor society in computer science. From 2009 to 2012 I was Furman's chapter president of Phi Beta Kappa.

My teaching philosophy... Here are some ingredients students need for success:

1. Curiosity: a desire to seek truth and understanding
2. Belief in yourself
3. Effort
4. Patience: Some concepts are difficult and need time to absorb Learning should be fun. There is so much to explore. Seek the truth, and follow it wherever it takes you. Do a little bit each day. Every day is an opportunity for an epiphany. Studying is a workout for the mind. Education is also communication, being able to articulate and explain to others what you have learned. Learn for the long haul: Studying for a class is not just for making a good grade on the final exam. It's to prepare you for situations that may come up in later classes, or years from now on the job.

Some big lessons I have learned in life:

1. To learn, you should give yourself a reasonable challenge.
2. Help people ignored or pushed aside by society.
3. Save your money, and pay attention to asset allocation.
4. Stay healthy, and spend a lot of time with your family.
5. Pick your battles. Don't overextend yourself.
6. Don't always believe something just because someone says so. Think critically and use your judgment.
7. Have the courage to do the right thing: As Dale Carnegie once said, "Our trouble is not ignorance, but inaction."

When you graduate, keep in mind that employers are looking for people who:

1. Can communicate
2. Are enthusiastic
3. Want to be part of the team
4. Have the essential knowledge to get started
5. Can learn, are curious, and want to improve
6. Are satisfied with being themselves
7. Want to do their best