Please use the following steps to assist us in helping fulfill your print and/ or copy requests.

Material Submission

All customers are welcome to submit electronic files to the P2X via email at Faculty and staff may use the campus courier or visit the P2X in person to drop off a hard copy, thumb drive or cd/DVD media containing materials to be printed.  Be sure to include your department charge code with your request. Students may bring media containing work to be printed or copied directly to the P2X.  Please let us know if you are a member of an approved club or student activity for billing purposes.  If not, we will accept payment upon your return to pick up your work.

Job Specifications

When submitting a request please indicate whether the job is to be completed in black & white or color, how many copies/ sets you would like and how you would like it finished.
We will review your request and provide you with an estimated time of completion.

File Format

Electronic files are best submitted in the PDF format.  This will maintain the intended integrity and formatting of your document.  Whenever possible, please be sure to save your document in the size that you would like to have it printed.  We also support the full Microsoft Office Suite of applications.
Note – If you are using a MAC please convert your file so that it is PC compatible so that we can work with it.  

Job Completion

Once your job is complete, the P2X staff will notify you so that you may come to the P2X to retrieve it.  In most instances, for faculty and staff, we will return your completed work to you via the P2X courier on the next mail run.
Payment for personal work is accepted in the form of cash, check or credit.