Service Awards

Our staff members make a difference in the lives of all with whom they work and the students they serve.  Their dedication to Furman is unmatched and we are grateful every day for their commitment to the Furman community.  We appreciate their service and celebrate their accomplishments!

45 Years

Name Department
Terry Davis Facilities Services

40 Years

Name Department
Mickey Fray Mathematics Department

35 Years

Name Department
Elaine Baker Sports Medicine
Georgie McMakin Athletics
Hunter Reid Athletics

30 Years

Name Department
Van Bennett Information Technology
Sharon Dilworth Religion Department
Lee Edmonds Facilities Services
Mark Nabors Golf Course
Ken Peterson Academic Affairs
Tony Rigdon Facilities Services
Gary Rogers Facilities Services

25 Years

Name Department
Doug Allison Athletics
Tammy Cureton Office of Integrative Research in the Sciences
Lori Law Academic Affairs

20 Years

Name Department
Ryan Lazar Library
David Manning Facilities Services
Jason Martinez Facilities Services
Kim Rhodes Department of Budget & Resource Management
Joe Surber Facilities Services
Michelle Young Athletics

15 Years

Name Department
Cindy Alexander President's Office
Cindy Boccabello Development Office
Meredith Burton Child Development Center
Susan Cooper Human Resources
Kyra Cox-Everhart Information Technology Services
Weston Dripps The Shi Institute for Sustainable Communities
Russell Ensley Information Technology Services
Stephanie Ferguson Office of Institutional Assessment & Research
Nancy Griffeth Office of Admissions
Joe Hiltabidel Information Technology Services
Mark Hughes University Police
Richard Lange Information Technology Services
Wayne Merrill Facilities Services
Barry Mullinax Information Technology Services
April Rice Facilities Services
Lori Schoen Department of Politics & International Affairs
Lisa Sloan Housing & Residence Life
Cathy Stevens The Riley Institute
Tim Tague Facilities Services
Troy Terry Office of Graduate Studies

10 Years

Name Department
Jonathan Allen Golf Course
Julie Birello Human Resources
Teri Bouley Facilities Service
Christopher Bridwell Facilities Services
Allyson Brown Office of Admissions
Cynthia Brown Facilities Services
Jackie Carson Athletics
Rob Carson Athletics
Julia Cowart Library
Christine Goforth Information Technology Services
Erikah Haavie Education Department
Chris Hamilton Facilities Services
Shon Herrick Development Office
Sheryl Higgins University Police
Kristin Irwin Center for Career Engagement
John Kaup Office of Integrative Research in the Sciences
Mary Alice Kirkpatrick Academic Affairs
Shannon Knutti Enrollment Management
Elizabeth Mobley Development Office
Brianne Pochard Grants & Research Administration
Susan Rae Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
Elaine Stewart Office of Admissions
Dianna Wallwork Enrollment Services Center

5 Years

Deborah Allen Center for Inclusive Communities
Chris Allsep University Police
Dean Bailey Bridges to a Brighter Future
Amy Bellinger Facilities Services
Jen Bobo  University Communications
Brian Bratton Athletics
Mike Brown  Sports Medicine
Blake Burdett Facilities Services
Donna Cox Development Office
David Eubanks Office of Institutional Assessment & Research
Courtney Firman-Watkins Housing & Residence Life
Richard Hardin McAlister Auditorium
Kathleen Hamlin Library
Adam Herendeen Athletics
Michael Hendricks Enrollment Management
Neil Jamerson Student Life
Dennis Myers Golf Course
John Milby University Police
Curtis Nash Housing & Residence Life
Rebekah Ostini Library
Tripp Scott Human Resources
Coady Shovlain Office of Admissions
Sabrena Spearman Human Resources
Jodi Steffes Athletics
Teddi Walker Housing & Residence Life
Bradley Wentworth Facilities Services
John Whitlinger Athletics
Heidi Wright Osher Life Long Learning Institute