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Petal prowess: Oconee bell wildflowers might be one giant organism

Thousands of delicate pink-white wildflowers known as Oconee Bells blanket parts of northwest South Carolina each spring, attracting admirers from near and far. [caption id="attachment_53010" align="alignright" width="197"] Oconee Bells. Courtesy Keith Bradley, South Carolina Department...

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Fran Ligler ’72 wins award from American Chemical Society

One of the most decorated chemistry alumni in the history of Furman University, Frances S. Ligler will add another award to her collection when she accepts the 2022 ACS Award in Analytical Chemistry at the...

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Proteins that help cells move like Spiderman also control cell spreading

Cells move around in our bodies kind of like Spiderman, by sticking to something and pulling themselves along. It’s well known that cells adhere to each other using sticky proteins called desmogleins, but new research...

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