For alumni and friends
of the university

Introducing FU ALL THE TIME

“FU All The Time” straight bourbon.

New FU All The Time bourbon whiskey

FU All the Time – the cheer made famous by two former university presidents – is to be savored by alumni and friends alike who appreciate not only fine bourbon but the pride that brings us together. This limited-edition bottle commemorates CLEARLY FURMAN, The Campaign for Our Third Century.

Distilled by Ironclad Distillery, Co., it is made especially for Furman. FU All the Time Bourbon Whiskey is aged more than three years in medium charred oak barrels. A proprietary mash bill of four grains (Virginia corn, malted barley, wheat and rye) define the depth with a fruity and buttery palate, and a toasty finish.

Please drink responsibly. Must be 21 years of age or older to consume.