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Greenville needs more affordable housing. We talked to experts and officials about solutions.

Aerial view of downtown Greenville by Vanzeppelin Photography.

Last updated February 10, 2023

By Tina Underwood

An article about affordable housing in The Greenville News cites a study prepared by researchers at The Shi Institute for Sustainable Communities at Furman University, “Racial Displacement in Greenville, SC.” The News reached out to experts about how to bring about 20,000 low-cost housing units to the area. Furman Director of Community Relations and State Rep. Chandra Dillard weighs in as well as Mayor Pro Tem and longtime City Councilwoman Lillian Brock Flemming, a Furman alumna (’71 M’75 H’14). Learn what they and others say about how to improve the city’s affordable housing landscape – from housing trust funds to inclusionary zoning to municipal bonds and other strategies.

A subscription may be required to view the content. Furman ID holders may access the article through databases located at Furman University Libraries.

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