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‘Flood of cheating’: Expert warns new tool will be a game changer for cheaters

Darren Hick, Department of Philosophy

Last updated December 27, 2022

By Tina Underwood

To the untrained eye and for those who don’t specialize in the nuances of philosophical thought, the 500-word paper would likely have passed without a second look. But to Darren Hick, Furman University assistant professor of philosophy, there was something peculiar about an essay written ostensibly by a Furman student for an assignment in his class. Hick alerted his fellow academicians about weeks old ChatGPT in a Facebook post, which tipped off journalists. He spoke to CNN‘s Abby Phillip and other media outlets about OpenAI’s tool, a freely available AI bot that spits out papers in mere seconds – technology that has “blindsided” academia and will present new challenges for professors and administrators everywhere.

In addition to CNN’s coverage, Hick’s comments about ChatGPT appeared in the New York Post, The Daily Wire, Axios, Canada Today, BusinessNews, Deccan Herald (India), Computerworld and others. A nine-minute interview featuring Hick can be heard on ABC Radio Melbourne with host Ali Moore. Subsequent stories appeared on, The Daily Check, News Brig, and Vigour Times.

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