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Computers are capable of writing SC student papers. Professors fear where it’s going.

Darren Hick, Department of Philosophy

Last updated February 6, 2023

By Tina Underwood

As news of OpenAI’s ChatGPT floods the airwaves and online media, Hillary Flynn of The Post and Courier gives a detailed account of Darren Hick’s experience in the classroom with the chatbot and what tipped him off that it was used by a student for a take-home assignment. Hick, an assistant professor of philosophy at Furman University, asked students to write an essay on David Hume and the “paradox of horror.” The Post and Courier took on the assignment, too, but asked ChatGPT to complete the task.

Flynn’s story is part of The Post and Courier’s Education Lab series. A subscription may be required to view the content. Furman ID holders may access the full article through databases located at Furman University Libraries.

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