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Priced out, pushed out; Furman study documents how revitalization has impacted Greenville’s Black neighborhoods

Ken Kolb, Department of Sociology, speaks to FOX Carolina.

Last updated January 19, 2023

By Tina Underwood

A study by The Shi Institute for Sustainable Communities titled “Racial Displacement in Greenville, SC” anchors a series of articles in The Greenville News and garners the attention of FOX Carolina. Lead investigator, Ken Kolb, a professor of sociology and chair of the department, spoke to Kennedi Harris about the impact of Greenville’s growth on historically Black neighborhoods. “This is the time where we need to make some tough decisions if we’re really interested in one, not only providing affordable housing, but also stopping the decline in the number of Black residents that has been occurring every single year for the past 40 years,” Kolb said.

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