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‘God save the queen’: Upstate locals respond to queen’s death, life and legacy

Queen Elizabeth II with Prince Philip in 2015.

Last updated September 9, 2022

By Tina Underwood

white woman wearing glasses, Carolyn Day

Carolyn Day, an associate professor of history at Furman

On news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, local TV stations reached out to Furman University’s Carolyn Day for her perspective on the monarch and her 70-year reign. Day, an associate professor of history who specializes in British and European history, spoke to FOX Carolina and WYFF News 4.

“She has been popular, she has been unpopular,” Day said in an interview with WYFF. “The royal family has been popular and has been unpopular. So there’s been lots of cycles. But I think generally she is more beloved now than she has been in the past. And everybody is sort of recognizing toward the end of her life that…long history of service that she has given to Great Britain.”

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