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Main fountain gets new trees


Last updated January 7, 2022

By Clinton Colmenares, Director of News and Media Strategy

The trees around Furman’s main fountain, just inside the main entrance, have been removed as part of an ongoing project to replace aging oaks on campus. Previous phases of the project saw replacement of the trees along Milford Mall, in front of the Duke Library, and along Furman Mall, from the Physical Activities Center to McAlister Auditorium. See this story for more details.

The variety of oak trees that were removed were nearing the end of their lifespans. They were also suffering from overcrowding.

In their place, Furman is planting 12 overcup oaks, which grow to around 80 feet tall and live hundreds of years.

Crews are also building beds under the trees that will hold azaleas, camellias, dogwoods and other plants that will provide colorful blooms throughout the year.

The project is scheduled to be completed by February 1 if the weather cooperates.

Last updated January 7, 2022
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Clinton Colmenares
Director of News and Media Strategy
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