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LoyalDINS celebrates alums’ purple pride

Last updated July 26, 2021

By News administrator

Each year, Furman sees hundreds of alumni donate to the funds of their choice, host Furman students as interns, attend events on campus and around the country, and serve as leaders on Furman boards and councils. This dedication has assisted Furman in its mission to challenge and support lifelong learners through rigorous inquiry, transformative experiences and deep reflection to lead lives of meaning and consequence. Today, July 26, Furman announces LoyalDINS, a program built to recognize and honor Furman’s most dedicated alumni.

“We are so excited to introduce the LoyalDINS program. Furman alumni engage with each other and the university in a variety of ways, and the LoyalDINS program will offer a new opportunity to celebrate and recognize comprehensive, meaningful engagement,” said Allison McCann Foy ’05, executive director of alumni and parent engagement. “From wearing Furman-branded apparel to attending alumni events, volunteering as a mentor and making that annual gift to support students – these and so many other examples are all valuable ways to invest in Furman.”

Alumni will be celebrated as LoyalDINS as they “discover, invest, network and serve,” said Foy. They will “discover” by plugging in, learning and staying current with news and opportunities, she said. They can “invest” by making a gift of any amount to any designation each year, and “network” by connecting with others in the 30,000-member strong Furman alumni community. Alumni can “serve” by offering their time and talents on Furman boards, councils and other leadership positions, she said.

“Furman University is a special place that means so much to so many. I know there are alumni and friends who want to be connected but aren’t sure what that means or how it can fit into their lives, especially those who do not live near the university,” said Andy Waters ‘08. “I think defining and diversifying how people can engage with Furman will inspire everyone in our community to connect more frequently and meaningfully throughout the year. I’m excited to watch LoyalDINS grow to an army of alumni and friends who carry the banner of Furman University across the country.”

Alumni can learn more about LoyalDINS by visiting the program’s webpage, subscribing to Furman Alumni newsletters or by contacting the Furman Alumni office.

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