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Should South Carolina cancel Critical Race Theory?

In an opinion piece for Statehouse Report, Paul L. Thomas unpacks misconceptions about Critical Race Theory and describes how banning the use of the framework in South Carolina schools could undo progress toward racially equitable education.

white man with beard, Paul Thomas

Paul L. Thomas

Thomas, a professor of education at Furman University, and who taught high school English in rural South Carolina for many years, cites the 2021-22 South Carolina budget, which challenges CRT. “CRT is not a curriculum or program, but an obscure scholarly theory found in law programs not in K-12 education,” Thomas writes. “CRT examines situations around race through the lens of structural, not individual, racism…Legislation aimed at CRT or the 1619 Project threatens academic freedom and the education of South Carolina students,” he adds. Read how in Statehouse Report.

Last updated August 5, 2022
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