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SC Republicans see donations rise by taking on culture war ahead of 2022 reelection bids

Last updated April 29, 2021

By Tina Underwood

South Carolina Republican leaders are increasingly taking to Twitter to air their views on cultural issues in the social media void left by former President Donald Trump, says Furman University’s Danielle Vinson ’89. In an article appearing in The Post and Courier, the politics and international affairs professor offered her take on Republicans’ growing affinity for Twitter.

“I think part of that [phenomenon] speaks to a bit of an identity crisis right now within the Republican Party,” Vinson said. “There’s not a lot of reacting to some of the policy proposals that are coming out, because those are kind of wonky, and they don’t really make good fundraising pitches. But they can react to these issues that  are a little bit more cultural.”

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