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Last updated April 28, 2021

By Tina Underwood, Contributing Writer

During a Zoom interview conducted by The Duke Endowment, Furman University President Elizabeth Davis described The Furman Advantage, how she intends to expand it with the latest $25 million grant from the Endowment, and what it’s like to lead the campus through COVID-19.

When asked how Furman will emerge from the crisis, Davis said, “For several years, higher education leaders and scholars have acknowledged the need for disruption to the higher education model. The pandemic has accelerated this need. What pundits are calling for are programs that look a lot like The Furman Advantage. We can continue our trajectory of making a difference for our students, our community and, we hope, for higher ed.” Read more about Davis’ interview at The Duke Endowment website.

Last updated April 28, 2021
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