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Furman Consolidates Primary Twitter Accounts

Last updated March 31, 2021


Furman University is combining the content from its two main Twitter accounts (@FurmanU and @FurmanNews) to be delivered exclusively through @FurmanNews, which will now serve as the university’s primary account.

@FurmanU had featured a broad array of general content and information about the university, while @FurmanNews had focused on news stories and information for the media. @FurmanNews will now cover all things Furman.

Four weeks ago, Twitter notified the university that a song used as background music in the Furman in :40 video series had been reported by a third party to be in violation of copyright law, and subsequently suspended the @FurmanU account, on which the videos had been posted. The university investigated the claim and found that the song in question was indeed licensed by Furman and, in fact, a different song altogether.

Furman filed a dispute with Twitter, which responded with a notice indicating that it would clear the violation if the reporter took no further action within 10 business days. As of the writing of this article, the account had yet to be released and Twitter had provided no further information, despite multiple attempts to receive clarification.

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