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True ‘Magic’ of college happens for just 2 out of 100 students


Last updated August 23, 2020

By Tina Underwood

Fewer students than we think experience the “true magic” of a college education, says Brandon Busteed, who penned an article for Forbes. He notes that only 2 out of every 100 students have the life-changing experience that college is intended to impart. His claims are backed by research he led while at Gallup in the largest study of graduates in United States history.

The research uncovered the “big six” elements (a.k.a. “the magic”) of a life-altering college education, such as the presence of mentors who encourage students to pursue their goals and dreams. Busteed gives a shout-out to Furman University’s “serious intentionality” about making the magic central to its academic mission through The Furman Advantage.

Busteed is president of University Partners and global head of Learn-Work Innovation at Kaplan.

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