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Big wins for students, faculty and staff who earned awards for academic excellence, leadership and service


Congratulations to the recipients of the Leaderships Awards, presented by the Shucker Center for Leadership Development, and the Academic Excellence Awards, presented by the Office of Academic Affairs! We are pleased to recognize students, faculty and staff for their accomplishments in the Furman community, the Greenville area and the global community.



African American and African Diaspora Cultures
Award for Excellence in African American and African Diaspora Cultures (2017)
Alyssa Smith

Ancient Greek and Roman Studies
Award for Excellence in Ancient Greek and Roman Studies (2001)
Amelia Layne Davidson
Brienna A. Dipietro
Xinxin Zhang

Environmental Studies
Award for Excellence in Environmental Studies (2001)
Tyler Marshall Carlson
Andrew Thomas Wynkoop

Film Studies
Award for Excellence in Film Studies (2014)
Alec Joseph Van de Bovenkam

Latin American Studies
Award for Excellence in Latin American Studies (2001)
Emma Elizabeth Carter

Medicine, Health, and Culture
Award for Excellence in Medicine, Health, and Culture Studies (2019)
Zachary Thomas Jasper

Middle East and Islamic Studies
Award for Excellence in Middle East and Islamic Studies
Zade Mutwalli

Poverty Studies
Award for Excellence in Poverty Studies (2010)
Charles Hunter Dixon
Sarah Elizabeth McLean

Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Award for Excellence in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (2001)
Kate Palmer Blumberg
Bethany Knapp


Mattie Hipp Cunningham Scholarship (1972)
Tyrese De’quan Byrd

Presser Undergraduate Scholar Award (2007)
Robert Phillip Cushing

Theatre Arts
Furman Theatre Guild Award (1971)
Matthew David Middleton

Furman Theatre Most Valuable Player (1999)
Andrew Thomas Golla
Cecil Leroy McCaskill IV
Jillian Lyn Padgett


Frances W. Selby “Gig” Meredith Award (1999)
Jason Neil Mendez


Award for Excellence in Anthropology (2016)
Philip Andrew Ricciardi
Alissa Rivers

Asian Studies
Faculty Award in Japanese (1991)
Huailue Zhang

James B. Leavell Outstanding Work in Asian Studies (2005)
Clare Eva Blumberg

Kate Palmer Blumberg
Outstanding Work in Chinese Studies (2004)

Lexi Rosenblatt
Outstanding Work in Japanese Studies (2004)
Alissa Rivers

John Scott Murray Latin Prize (1928)
Brienna A. Dipietro

Communication Studies
Charles A. Batson Award (2004)
Carter Moore Brady

Communication Studies Award for Excellence in Public Speaking & Debate (1937)
Whitney Ann Maness

Endel Award for Excellence in Communication Studies (1926)
Haley M. Mills

Endel Medal for Excellence in Mass Communication (1937)
Jillian Lyn Padgett

Endel Medal for Excellence in Rhetoric and Oratory (1926)
Hanna Perry

Cunningham Scholarship (1972)
Maddie De Pree
Anvi Yalavarthy

J. Decherd Guess Scholarship (1989)
Kathleen Ellen Brown
Beth Ann Fraser
Zachary Thomas Hughes
Rebecca Susan Little

Pipkin English Award (1968)
Olivia Ann Corso

Alumni Award for Academic Excellence in History (2003)
Jamisen Brooke Collier
Jessica C. Foster
Aaron Prince

Daughters of the American Revolution Prize in American History (1937)
Sam Hayes

Endel Memorial History Prize (1937)
Xinxin Zhang

Gilpatrick History Prize (1937)
Eleanor Skeen Mixon
Modern Languages and Literatures

Cervantes Award in Spanish (1969)
Marina Nuria Cox

David Wells Morgan Award in French (1969)
Mary Sloan Morris

Goethe Award in German (1969)
Samantha Gail Whitley

Award in Applied Philosophy (2019)
Noah Levine
Sarah Rinker

James C. Edwards Excellence in Philosophy Award (1998)
Ben Davids
Eli Nathanael Simmons
Benjamin Wilhelm Wirzba

Baggott Excellence Award (1978)
Shannon Elizabeth Duke

Baggott Ministerial Award (1978)
Victoria Allyn Melin

John C. Shelley Award for Excellence in Fields of Theology and Ethics (2013)
Elizabeth Ann Lomas

David Anthony Smith Award in Religion (2006)
Emma Lee Allison

Scholarly Achievement Award in Religion (1970)
Andrew Thomas Golla
Xinxin Zhang

Special Service Award (2000)
Brienna A. Dipietro


Business and Accounting
Fred and June Current Accounting Award (2003)
Jack Schleicher
Sydney Nicole Tanner

Lawrence Kessler Award for Excellence in Accounting (2006)
Courtney Rose Turner

Sandy Roberson Outstanding Senior in Accounting Award (2017)
Casey Nicole Bigham

General Excellence in Business Award (2003)
Knox Kiernan

J. Carlyle Ellett Economics Prize (1990)
Davis D. Cousar
Darcy Jeannine Merline

Mathematics Economics Award for Excellence (2007)
Rosemary Mason Coskrey

Outstanding Scholar and Leader in Education Award (2005)
Evelyn Ashleigh Gould
Caroline Randolph King

Health Sciences
Public Health Senior Award (2019)
Hannah Fatima Metwally
Haley Park

Ruth Reid Award (2005)
Baillie Ruth Steele

Jerry R. Thomas Award in Health Sciences (1996)
Danni Vines
Military Science

Distinguished Military Graduate Award
Connor McClendon Dial
William Scott Stuart III
Buzz Thompson

Politics and International Affairs
Paula Harper Bethea Civic Engagement Award (2020)
Sam Hayes
Alexis Veronica Wood

Henry P. Jones Political Science Medal (1986)
Johnny Aluri
Spencer Richardson

Political Science Chair’s Award (2003)
Marlies Kelley Bronner
Anne DeVries Curtiss
Mattie MacDonald
Grace Marmaras

Political Science Faculty Award (1997)
Davis D. Cousar
Samantha Gail Whitley
Benjamin Wilhelm Ziegenhals Wirzba

S. Sidney Ulmer Political Science Medal (1955)
Shekinah Nissi Lightner

Allport Scholar in Psychology (1968)
Lexi Rosenblatt

Brewer Scholar in Psychology (2008)
Elizabeth Ann Lomas

Burts Scholar in Psychology (1973)
Charles Robert Weeks

Marshall Prevost Medal in Psychology (1961)
Cullen Pettus Farnsworth
Andrew Thomas Wynkoop

Johnson-Webb Sociology Award (1984)
Nettie Smith Childs


Beta Beta Beta General Excellence Award (1974)
Cassidy Marie Rahn

Distinguished Research in Biology Award (2000)
Madison Bailey Covington
Jacob Edward Gerber
Elias Michel Wheibe

C. Leland Rodgers Biology Award (2000)
Chandler MacKenzie Ciuba
Elias Michel Wheibe

Elizabeth Thackston Taylor Botany Medal (1942)
Haley P. Disinger

American Chemical Society Outstanding Senior Chemistry Major Award (1954)
Declan Thomas Devens

American Institute of Chemists Award in Biochemistry (1984)
Matthew John Martin

American Institute of Chemists Award in Chemistry (1984)
Robert Trent Stubbs

John Albert Southern Chemistry Award (1973)
Megan Elizabeth Bovee
Grace Ellen Flanagan

John Sampey Award in Chemistry (1968)
Addison T. Adrian
Savannah Dawn Carnahan
Ariel Gentry Gale

Computer Science
Computing in Community Award (2017)
Jacob Conrad
Adele Robinson

Kenneth C. Abernethy Award for Excellence in Computer Science (1996)
Cecil Leroy McCaskill IV
Anvi Yalavarthy

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Earth and Environmental Sciences Scholar Award (2007)
Catherine Brandon Lippert

Earth and Environmental Sciences Research Award (2007)
Sonia Christine Clemens

Sustainability Science Research Award (2013)
Sarah Elizabeth McLean

Wallace C. Fallaw Outstanding Senior Award (1996)
Haley P. Disinger

DeLany Medal in Mathematics (1945)
Fabian Salinas

William Blaker Award for Excellence in Neuroscience (2015)
Olivia Marissa Larner

Award for Excellence in Physics (2020)
Anna Kathryn Alford

Mary Paige Ouzts Senior Physics Award (2005)
Philip Andrew Ricciardi
Health Careers – Pre-Health

Robert Emmett Allen Pre-medical Prize (1927)
Jordan Elizabeth Ingram

Alpha Epsilon Delta Scholarship Award (1982)
Haley Park


Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award
Kenia Flores ’20

American Legion Medal
Buzz Thompson ’20 and Kelsey Milian ’20

Boundary Breaker Program of the Year
Let’s Talk About Sex: Healthy Sexuality Programming

C. Dan Joyner Outstanding Athletic Leader Award
Katarina Kozarov ’20 and Jordan Harris ’20

Furman’s Hall of Leaders Award for Excellence in Service and Leadership
Savannah Carnahan ’20, Morgan Cooper ’20, Matisyn Darby ’20, Sasha Doster ’20, Jaylon Goodwin ’20, Allie Hargrove ’20, Spencer Richardson ’20, RJ Rogers ’20, Luz Ruiz ’20, Shalick Smith ’20, Khendra Witt ’20 and Anna Zhang ’20

Harry B. Shucker Outstanding Student Leader Award
Jesse Tompkins ’20

Joseph Vaughn Award
Alyssa Smith ’20

Lillian Brock-Flemming Award
Nicaella Fogle ’20

Max and Trude Heller Commitment to Community Award
Bridges to a Brighter Future

Student Organization of the Year
Jewish Student Association

Student Organization Advisor of the Year
Kristin Irwin – Malone Center for Career Engagement

The Leverette Sustainability Award
Brook Denny ’20

The President’s Award
Shekinah Lightner ’20 and Davis Cousar ’20

Unsung Hero Award
Shannon Duke ’20, Sheila Foreman ’20, Drew Holweger ’20, Bethany Knapp ’20, and Alexis Wood ’20

Willard A. Metcalf Personal Character Award
Zach Hughes ’20

Winston Babb and Alfred S. Reid Memorial Awards
Michael McLeod ’23, Ava Macheledt ’22, Avery Whitehead ’21, Natalie Srinivasan ’20, Mark Calvin ’23, Drew Warner ’22, Evan Thomes ’21, Emma Sanning ’20, Deborah Allen – Center for Inclusive Communities, and Dr. Kate Kaup – Asian Studies and Politics & International Affairs

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