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For Jack Schleicher ’20, a summer of learning curves and ‘being relentless’

Jack Schleicher ’20 had just moved to a city of 8.6 million strangers.

“In New York City, you can feel so alone,” said the Furman lacrosse player, who will discuss his summer experience on April 9 at the 11th annual Furman Engaged!, a day devoted to sharing immersive learning experiences.

But not knowing anyone in a sea of people wasn’t the hardest part about his 2018 summer internship at Bay Street Advisors, a head-hunting firm that serves clients in the financial services industry. Schleicher had to master financial terminology, build job skills and get used to the sometimes brusque culture of the financial world.

“You had to figure stuff out on your own, and on top of that, you had to learn that criticism is not always a bad thing, especially when you’re new,” Schleicher said.

He would start his day at Bay Street Advisors by scanning the news, reading about the markets and entering data into the firm’s client relationship management system.

His task on a given day might be: “We need 100 people from this sector. Find them.”

Pretty soon, Schleicher had developed the skills he needed to keep up at Bay Street. And he even located fellow Furman students and alumni who were also finding their way in New York City and could help him feel at home there.

His lesson in life and in learning?

“It’s about being relentless. Showing up the next day with the positive attitude,” said Schleicher. “You’ve got to work hard to be consistent in your work and in everything you do.”


Last updated April 5, 2019
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