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MEP speaks about rule of law, migration and transatlantic relations

European Parliament Member Roberta Metsola came to the Furman University campus as a Fellow-in-Residence March 22. In 2013, she was elected to the EP as one of Malta’s first female members and was re-elected on the European People’s Party (EPP) ticket with a record number of votes for a female candidate in 2014. In a Malta Today article covering her visit hosted by the Riley Institute and the Department of Politics and International Affairs, the writer said Metsola stressed the importance of determination over geographical size, and that geographical limitations can be overcome by hard work.

She also warned of populist politics. “All of us on either side of the Atlantic must make our voices heard in defence [sic] of … strong value-based politics,” she said. “The phenomenon of fake news and online misinformation is increasingly worrying. Social media is a force for good in this world, but we cannot allow tools designed for the betterment of mankind to be abused …,” Metsola added.


Last updated March 26, 2018
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