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The Answer to Success


Last updated March 25, 2018

By Kelley Bruss

Anne-Claire Pittman ’18 has been asking tough questions since her first days at Furman.

In her pursuit of answers, she tapped into countless university resources, using everything she gathered to shape her career plans and then execute them with an exceptional level of success.

When Pittman joined Furman’s student-led investment club, of which she’s now co-president, other members had advice: She should meet the school’s investment officers. Pittman walked into their office and asked for help.

“Everything we threw at her, from that first meeting until today, ends up written down and in spiral notebooks,” said Kris Kapoor, Furman’s chief investment officer.

“Yeah, that’s true,” Pittman said, smiling. “Being curious about what you learn is super important.” From her endless notes, she created long lists of questions, then found the faculty and staff and upperclassmen who could answer them.

“They won’t give you the answer,” Pittman said. “But they’ll guide you toward something.”

Other answers came through internships. Instead of waiting for opportunities to find her, Pittman made a list of companies that interested her and pursued them.

An accounting internship helped her know that wasn’t the specialty she wanted to pursue. Her semester working with Kapoor and senior investment officer Rob Kenney confirmed that she loved both the research and client aspects of investing.

“It’s the way she’s gone about it that stood out to me,” Kapoor said. “Her mindset to embrace what this place is about, the taking advantage of what resources are here for them, was textbook.”

Pittman’s goal was to have a job by February of her senior year. She beat that by two months when she accepted a position in December as an investment analyst with LCG Associates in Atlanta, her hometown. She’ll start with them this summer. And she’ll still be calling Kapoor and Kenney with her questions.

“I owe a lot of my success to the two of them,” she said.

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