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Dockless bike-sharing aims to improve transportation at Furman

Furman’s dockless bike-sharing program saw 4,500 rides in its first three weeks on campus when it was introduced last fall. The system, which uses GPS, solar and mobile technology, captured the attention of South Carolina Public Radio’s Tut Underwood. He spoke to Shi Center for Sustainability executive director Weston Dripps who said the popularity of the program stems from the convenience and low cost of the Spin bikes. With the mobile app, the “grab and go” system allows riders to find all available bikes. Once the nearest bike is located, riders scan a QR code to unlock the bike. After reaching their destination, riders use the app to “end ride” and can leave the bike without having to search for a docking station. Furman senior Jackson Ferrell worked with Spin to bring the system to campus. “It has really caught on,” he said.

Last updated January 30, 2018
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Clinton Colmenares
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