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Election results: Greenville City Council District 2

In an election analysis piece about Greenville City Council District 2, Cindy Landrum of the Greenville Journal tapped Politics and International Affairs professor Brent Nelsen for his take on the results. The election pitted Democratic incumbent Lillian Brock Flemming (Furman class of 1971 and 1975) whose advocacy for African Americans dates to the civil rights era, against white Republican commercial banker Matt Cotner. Flemming retained her seat despite a decreasing number of supporters in her base over the last five years. Said Nelsen, “It was very much perceived by the black community that Cotner represented the gentrifying elements.” Nelsen believes that perception and Flemming’s ability to get her base out led to the win. “She knows how to win. She knows who her supporters are, and she knows how to get them out,” he said.

Last updated December 1, 2017
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Clinton Colmenares
News & Media Relations Director