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High Noon Lecture Series fall schedule

The fall High Noon series begins Oct. 10.


High Noon at the

Upcountry History Museum

2017 Fall Schedule

All lectures begin at noon on Wednesdays and last one hour.  For more information, contact Furman’s University Communications office at 864-294-3107 or


October 11

“Pearl Harbor: What Were the Japanese Thinking?”

Jim Leavell, Herring Professor Emeritus of Asian Studies, Furman University

Why did the Japanese so boldly open the Pacific War by attacking Pearl Harbor? What inspired them to launch such a dramatic move? What role did economic sanctions play in causing the event, and what mistakes were made by the Japanese as well as the Americans?  Dr. Leavell will have the answers.

October 18

“Climate Change: Between Nature and Society”

Brannon Andersen, Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Climate change is a major challenge facing society. After a brief summary of the mechanisms and evidence of climate change, Dr. Andersen will examine the underlying societal causes of climate change and offer solutions.

October 25

“American Foreign Policy in the Age of Donald J. Trump”

Brent Nelsen, Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Furman University

Has President Trump changed the direction of American foreign policy? What has changed, and what has remained the same? How are the world powers adjusting?  Dr. Nelsen will answer these questions as he evaluates the first 10 months of the Trump era.

November 1

“Are You Fake News? Belief, Outrage and Incivility in the New Media Environment”

John Armstrong and Brandon Inabinet, Communication Studies

Dr. Armstrong, an expert in broadcast communication, will take a look at examples of “fake news” incidents in early modern media to help contextualize the contemporary problem. Dr. Inabinet, an expert in political rhetoric, explains how persuasive use of these new tools propelled the rise of right-wing extremism globally and in the election of Donald Trump in the United States.

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