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University experts should speak out on big issues of the day

Do professors have a special responsibility to speak out publicly about political, environmental and social issues? That was the question aired in a Furman Cultural Life Program event held Sept. 21 on campus. Moderated by Furman Physics professor Susan D’Amato, “Public Responsibility of Scholars” included Furman Politics and International Affairs professor Akan Malici, Education professor Paul Thomas, and Clemson Philosophy and Religion professor Todd May. Paul Hyde of The Greenville News spoke to Malici and May ahead of the event. Said Malici, “Scholars in virtually all fields of the university could bring their expert knowledge to the public discussion, whether it is about the lessons of history, about what they teach us about leadership, or about pluralism in a democratic society, or whether it is about environmental degradation or about race and race relations.”

Last updated August 5, 2022
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Clinton Colmenares
News & Media Relations Director