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An answer to the shortage of high school guidance counselors

|Furman students have a long history of serving as mentors in the classroom.|The Furman program will help underrepresented high school students navigate the complex process of applying to college.

Last updated April 26, 2017

By Tina Underwood

High school counselors fill an essential role in helping students achieve their college dreams. But when too few counselors are on hand, low-income students in particular suffer. That’s why the J. Marion Sims Foundation and The Duke Endowment recently joined forces with Furman University to announce a $2.2 million effort that will bring the College Advising Corps program to seven high schools in South Carolina’s Chester and Lancaster counties this fall. Susan DeVenny, president and CEO of the J. Marion Sims Foundation in Lancaster, and Susan McConnell, director of The Duke Endowment’s Higher Education program area, published an op-ed about the new program in The Charlotte Observer.


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