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Do Away With All-Volunteer Military

Soldiers dressed in army camouflage in an army parade covered with the flag.|Akan Malici
Dr. Akan Malici

Dr. Akan Malici

Furman University Political Science Professor Dr. Akan Malici believes our nation is desensitized to the idea of war. He claims that post Vietnam, the dissolution of the citizen-soldier in favor of an all-volunteer force has resulted in a war-prone posture for the United States where America’s military has become Washington’s military. In an a commentary he wrote for The Greenville News, Malici says in order to fend off the misuse of power, the citzen-soldier must be reclaimed, “… only when the citizenry at large will have its ‘skin in the game,’ will it hold the government accountable and ask the relevant questions about the actual necessity for war.”


Last updated October 24, 2016
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