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Not Without a Fight

Last updated October 13, 2016

By News administrator

Last week, the university announced that The Duke Endowment is providing $47 million in grants to support ‘The Furman Advantage,’ a new vision to transform the student experience and redefine a liberal arts and sciences education. That, according to Inside Philanthropy, is very good news for the liberal arts. “It’s one of the biggest gifts we’ve seen yet from funders who believe in the liberal arts and are keen to help colleges bolster such education—and also to better market the liberal arts to students, parents, and donors alike,” wrote Mike Scutari.  “As we’ve reported, the takeover of higher ed by STEM-crazed administrators and donors is not happening without a fight. The humanities crowd is fighting back, often tapping some deep-pocketed supporters, even as they face some powerful skeptics.”

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