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Together, We Mourned

Last updated March 30, 2016

By John Roberts

Often, universities are home to cerebral, celebratory and festive events.

There are musical performances, athletic events, convocations, commencements and thought-provoking lectures. Last Thursday, a different sort of event was convened on campus.  And its profound impact was as powerful as any lecture or athletic contest.

The funeral of Greenville Police Officer Allen Jacobs.

Jacobs was killed in the line of duty March 18. After the shooting, Furman Police Chief Tom Saccenti called the Greenville Police Department to offer help. Officer Jacobs and his wife, Meghan, were married in the rose garden. The family wanted Furman to host the funeral.

Our events staff, police officers, facilities crews and many others worked tirelessly to ensure that the funeral was flawless and respectful. University photographer Jeremy Fleming ‘08 captured some powerful images of the event.

In tribute, many of us stood along the mall as a seemingly endless line of law enforcement processed from Timmons Arena to the main gate. Some held flags and encouraging signs. All stood in solemn silence. For over an hour the mourners passed in shiny police cars and trucks. Crisply uniformed officers acknowledged us with nodded heads and misty eyes.

Those on the mall that day were not there as faculty, staff or students. We were there as citizens, members of our community. Allen Jacobs’ funeral served as a reminder that the Furman fabric is firmly interwoven within the greater tapestry of Greenville.  Like family, we mourned together.

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