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Riley Institute at Furman, Charleston School of Law sponsor two-day symposium

Last updated March 14, 2016

By News administrator

CHARLESTON, S.C–Legal scholars and leaders will meet this Thursday and Friday in Charleston for a wide-ranging symposium that will focus on the role of government in modern society.  The two-day event at the Charleston Music Hall on John Street is hosted by the Charleston Law Review of the Charleston School of Law and the Riley Institute at Furman University.

“A discussion about the role of government is especially timely in this presidential election year,” said Associate Professor of Law Sheila B. Scheuerman, faculty advisor to the Charleston Law Review..  “Panelists will be discussing campaign financing and the impact of third parties on modern elections.  As voters, these issues impact all citizens.”

Scheuerman explained this year’s Law and Society symposium tackles a tough question that is timely because it impacts the lives of all citizens:  “What is the role of government?”

“Panels will address topics ranging from immigration reform to same-sex marriage,” she said.  “Our state and others are currently addressing these extremely important issues. The symposium presents an opportunity for distinguished legislators, attorneys and legal scholars to share insights on these questions.”

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