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Students present research at Southern Political Science Association meeting


Three Furman Political Science majors Melissa Temple ‘17, Julia Roberts ’16, and Caroline Lancaster ’16 recently presented research at the Southern Political Science Association Annual Meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Caroline Lancaster presented, “The Return of Moral [In]Sanity: Wahhabism and the American Tea Party as Fundamentalist Ideological Constructs.” Julia Roberts presented, “Mapping the Landscape of Public Montessori in South Carolina,” with Political Science Associate Professor David Fleming. “Ideology and Hegemonic Party Rule in South Africa, Hungary and Turkey” was presented by Lancaster and A. Kadir Yildirim of Rice University.  “To Engage or Not to Engage?:  Risks and Rewards of Public Engagement by Marginalized Groups”  was presented by Professor and Political Science Department Chair Elizabeth Smith, Melissa Temple and Amy Jasperson of Rhodes College.

Last updated January 21, 2016
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