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Students to attend SSCA honors conference


Seventeen Furman University students have been selected to attend the Southern States Communication Association’s 25th Annual Theodore Clevenger Jr. Undergraduate Honors Conference April 8-12 in Tampa, Fla.

ssca_logoCaroline Walters ’15 (Moral Rhetoric and the Humanitarian Situation: George W. Bush and the AIDS Crisis), Liza Greenberg ’15 (The City as Subject: The Media and Constitutive Rhetoric in President Obama’s “You Will Run Again” Speech after the Boston Marathon Bombings), Eleanor Palmer ’15 (Framing the Future of Universal Education: Malala Yousafzai), Jenna Meredith ’15 (Making Medicine: A Rhetorical Criticism of Atul Gawande’s “The Velluvial Matrix”), Danielle Car ’15 (The Power of Common Sense: A Rhetorical Analysis of President Barack Obama’s 2013 Gun Violence Speech), Morgan Stephens ’15 (Body Rhetoric and the Fight for Equality), Sarah Lambert ’15 (Rhetorical Criticism of Hitchens and the “Lovely Stones”), Luke Christie ’15 (“America! America!”: Vanishing Time and Space in Clarence Jordan’s “Things Needed for Our Peace,” Furman University, 1969) and Cook English ’15 (Free Agent or Escaped Slave?: The Reverend Jesse Jackson’s Response to Dan Gilbert’s “The Letter”) will present papers on Rhetorical Criticism. Kate Stevens ’18 (From Protest to Politics: A Man Undone), Thomas Stubbs ’18 (A General Under Fire: Indirect Accusation and Propaganda in Joe McCarthy’s America’s Retreat from Victory: The Story of George Catlett Marshall), Connor Courtney ’18 (That’s the Way it Is. Or was It? Walter Cronkite and the Camera Angles of the Vietnam War), and Kellie Colgain ’18 (The 1968 Miss America Pageant Protest: More than Just Bra Burning) will present papers on Rhetoric in the Age of Protest. Amanda Payton ’15 (The Dust Bowl: The Dichotomy between Media Coverage and Scientific Understanding) and Chris Edel ’15 (First Effective Settlement and its Correlation with Local Sports Talk Radio) will also present papers. Eli Washington ’15 (Life is Drag: Gender Performativity and Subaltern Public in RuPaul’s Drag Race) will present a paper on Race, Class and Gender in the Media and Ariel Blackwood ’17 (On “The Myth of Mental Illness”) will present a paper on Argumentation.

Two of the four papers selected as Top Rhetoric Studies Papers, were written by Furman students Eleanor Palmer and Kate Stevens and will be presented on a panel honoring the best student work at the conference. Stevens wrote her paper in her first semester at Furman.

The conference is one of the largest and most prestigious undergraduate honors conferences in the field and is highly competitive, said Communication Studies Professor Sean O’Rourke. The Southern States Communication Association (SSCA), founded in 1930, is among the oldest associations in the world for the advancement of study and instruction in communication.


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Last updated April 7, 2015
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