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A note to FROGs

The good news is that Furman has had an excellent season. We are 4-1, defeated Appalachian State, are headed to the play-offs and ranked 21st in the nation among Division II teams.

The bad news is, you guessed it, we must travel to UNC-W to play in a Sunday game in the first round. The team is tentatively scheduled to leave mid-afternoon on Saturday. So, for the first time in 10 years, we will be unable to field a team for the alumni game.

I am sure you all understand.

Although, our matrix schedule has been moved to the fall, I do not see as a continuing problem because Homecoming was scheduled late this year. In year’s past it has been in October. Also, I won’t be having a function at my house Friday. My wife’s late grandfather (Lyles Alley, longtime AD and basketball coach at Furman) is being honored posthumously by the school Saturday morning and we are having her family over for a reception Friday.

That said: we still have the field reserved for Saturday. If enough of you all want to come and play 7s against another we can do that. Too, if many of you will drop by a rugby tailgate, let me know and I would be pleased to set one up.

Just post below and let me know if you want to play and or come to the tailgate. It would be good to see you all. Lastly, please spread the word. I am not FB friends with all the FROGs.


Last updated November 4, 2013
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Clinton Colmenares
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