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Game changer

Seth Greenstein likes to play games, and that’s a good thing since gaming has been his business since high school. Seth and two of his high school buddies began Diamond Bullet Studios, a video game design and production company that has released three video games.

The company’s latest release, Catalyst 2012, was created in collaboration with FIRST, an international nonprofit organization that promotes science, technology, and engineering by sponsoring high school robotics competitions. Catalyst simulates the robot opponents on the playing “field,” allowing students to plan and refine their robots even before building them.

Working with Furman Health Sciences professor Randy Hutchinson in Furman’s Molnar Lab, Seth is recording human movements to make the game’s human characters—robot drivers, spectators, and teams—more lifelike.


Seth Greenstein is a computer science major from Clemson, South Carolina. His business partners are Curtis Todd, Eric Bickle Jr., and Chris Zeigler. For more on the FIRST Robotics Competition, visit


Last updated April 16, 2013
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