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Charity Navigator gives Furman 4-star rating

Furman has earned a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, America’s largest independent charity evaluator, for its “sound fiscal management practices and commitment to accountability and transparency.”

Since 2002, Charity Navigator has awarded only the most fiscally responsible organizations a 4-star rating. In 2011, the organization added a second dimension of Accountability and Transparency (A&T) to its rating methodology, and now reviews 17 governance and ethical practices as well as measures of openness.

The A&T metrics, which account for 50 percent of a charity’s overall rating, reveal which charities have “best practices” that minimize the chance of unethical activities and whether they freely share basic information about their organization with their donors and other stakeholders.

Charity Navigator is the largest charity evaluator in America, and its website attracts more visitors than all other charity rating groups combined. The organization helps evaluate the Financial Health and Accountability & Transparency of roughly 5,500 mid-to-large sized charities. The organization accepts no advertising or donations from the organizations it evaluates, ensuring unbiased evaluations, nor does it charge the public for its data.

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Last updated October 4, 2012
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Clinton Colmenares
News & Media Relations Director