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D’Amato and students attend physics conference

SPRING, 2012

Susan D’Amato, along with four physics students, attended the Southeastern Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics in January at the University of Tennessee. Students Evdokiya Kostadinova and Anna Sheppard presented a poster at the undergraduate poster session. Kristina Pardo and Victoria Strait also attended. Highlights of the conference included scientific talks by women physicists; panel discussions focusing on undergraduate research opportunities, graduate school, and careers in physics; a full-day tour at Oak Ridge National Laboratory; and a keynote speech by Persis Drell, director of SLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center). Dake Wang and Nicholas Reynolds ’11 published their second co-authored article, “Photoluminescence of Zinc Oxide Nanowires: The Effect of Surface Band Bending,” in the journal ISRN Condensed Matter Physics. Reynolds will be pursuing advanced study in physics at Iowa State University.

Last updated May 4, 2012
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