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President Smolla talks about affirmative action in higher education

Last updated February 22, 2012

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President Rod Smolla

Twenty-five years have passed between the U.S. Supreme Court decisions upholding the right of colleges to consider race and ethnicity in admissions.  But the Supreme Court has decided to return to the issue of affirmative action in higher education by considering whether the University of Texas at Austin has the right to consider race and ethnicity in admissions decisions. Inside Higher Ed wrote a lengthy piece on what it all means, and quoted Furman president Rod Smolla.

Smolla is nationally recognized as a legal scholar, teacher, advocate and writer, and is one of America’s foremost experts on issues relating to freedom of speech, academic freedom and freedom of the press.  His most recent book, The Constitution Goes to College, describes the constitutional principles and ideas that have shaped American higher education.

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