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A romantic night…in the dining hall?

FEBRUARY 15, 2012
by Allison Davey ’14, Contributing Writer

Furman couples have long held the tradition of kissing under the Bell Tower and taking moonlit strolls around the lake. Now a new tradition may be taking root: sharing a romantic Valentine’s dinner in the dining hall.

Wait. The dining hall?

The idea was hatched by the dining hall’s management team of JJ Tramontana, LeighAnna Frazier and Ralph Macrina. Dining services director Adam Summer says the inspiration came from the team’s desire to “do something special for the students on Valentine’s Day.”

News of the dinner spread, and 30 students signed up for the inaugural event.

The dinner included a three-course meal and a rose for the ladies. Tables, too, were dressed up, and staff waited on students. Summer said the themed meal gave students who may not have a way off campus an opportunity to share a special meal with their significant other.

He added that the event was well received and said his group “is open to repeating it in the future.”

Last updated February 15, 2012
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