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Ranger Batallion takes second at competition

OCTOBER 27, 2011
By John Roberts, Newspage Editor

A group of Furman Reserve Officer Training Corp members finished in second place last weekend in the 2011 Ranger Challenge.

The competition, held at Fort Pickett in Virginia, involved 20 10-member teams. The Ranger Challenge is a two-day contest that is designed to test a cadet’s ability to perform military tasks under demanding conditions.

Teams competed in a variety of contests including a road march, land navigation, rope bridge and vehicle push.  Events were stationed along an eight–mile path.  In most cases, the team completing the course first is declared the winner, although time may be added if some tasks are not adequately completed.

Furman finished just 20 seconds behind the winning team, Presbyterian College.

The Paladin Battalion is a traditional power at the Ranger Challenge. Last year, Furman finished fourth in the competition.

Members of the team were:

Wilson Duty (Squad Leader)

Jacob Adams

Daniel Dixon

Andrew Brogden

Charles Wilson

Daniel Myles

Charles Brown

Matt Clemens

Will Ballard

David Mau

Stephen Dixon

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