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[funews-faq-question]You’ve just started as director of the Shi Center, but you’ve had some time to think about how you will approach your new role. Can you tell us about your vision for the Shi Center?[/funews-faq-question]

[funews-faq-answer]The Shi Center for Sustainability has been a campus, community, and national model for the teaching, practice, and research of sustainability. It has been a dynamic, animating academic hub, and I am truly honored to be its new director. I will certainly continue with the center’s ongoing efforts to foster innovative and interdisciplinary curricular development and integration around sustainability and work to strengthen both campus sustainability efforts and community partnerships.

I am excited to build on many of the innovative and successful programs already in place including the Faculty Affiliate program that brings together faculty from across all disciplines on campus to engage and collaborate on sustainability topics and the student fellowship programs which provides students with real world opportunities and sustainability experiences with campus and local Greenville partners.[/funews-faq-answer]

[funews-faq-question]You have worked closely over the past decade with Furman students who are devoted to sustainability. Will that be a particular benefit as you develop new ways for the Shi Center to impact the University’s sustainability efforts?[/funews-faq-question]

[funews-faq-answer]Yes, that will certainly be a benefit. Student engagement and the student experience, particularly around individual and campus sustainability, has always been a passion and focus of mine. I intend for the center to play an increasingly prominent role in promoting a campus sustainability culture and better integrating the curricular and co-curricular student experiences around sustainability. My ongoing work with the Environmental Community of Students (ECOS) first-year engaged living program, the student-led Environmental Action Group, the upperclass Greenbelt sustainable living community, the Furman Farm, and our sustainability science major will certainly serve me well.[/funews-faq-answer]

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